UK Census 1881 Index

All variations of Furey/Fury have been extracted from the UK 1881 census index. Being an index there is a lot more detail behind this list, but this page should be of some use to some of you. The year indicates the year of birth and county/country column entitled "Place Born" is the place of birth. The last column is the location for where each person was when the census took place. Interestingly, 117 out of the 421 people on the census were born in Ireland - this represents a total of 28%.

This list is in first name sequence so the best search facility is the FIND button in your browser. Alternatively you can cut and paste the table into Excel for further analysis.This list is in first name sequence so the best search facility is the FIND button in your browser. Alternatively you can cut and paste the table into Excel for further analysis.

Surname First Name Relationship Born Place Born Census
FURY Adam GSon 1880 Durh Durh
FURY Agnes Dau 1878 Ches Ches
FURY Alfred Sclr 1870 Lond
FUREY Alice Serv 1857 Ches Ches
FURY Andrew Head 1836 Irel York
FURREY Andrew Head 1854 Renf Lana
FUREY Andrew Son 1877 Lanc Lanc
FURY Andrew Son 1879 Roxb Roxb
FURY Ann Wife 1821 Irel Lana
FURY Ann Wife 1822 Irel Brec
FUREY Ann Wife 1839 Irel Hadd
FURY Ann Wife 1840 Irel Ches
FURRY Ann Wife 1853 Irel Lana
FUREY Ann Dau 1863 ELot Hadd
FURY Ann Dau Head 1864 Denb Denb
FURY Ann Niec 1865 York York
FURY Ann Dau 1876 Glam Carm
FURY Ann Dau 1881 Lana Lana
FURY Ann Freel Head 1829 Irel Renf
FURY Anne Vist 1856 Nott Linc
FURY Annie Lodg 1853 Ches
FURY Annie Wife 1857 Lanc Lanc
FURRY Annie Inmt 1863 Angu Forf
FURY Annie Serv 1863 Lanc Lanc
FURY Annie Dau 1865 Here Brec
FURY Annie Dau 1865 ELot Forf
FURY Annie Dau 1866 York York
FUREY Annie Niec 1867 Warw Warw
FURREY Annie Dau 1868 Durh Durh
FUREY Annie Dau 1871 Lana Lana
FURY Annie Dau 1874 Roxb Roxb
FURY Annie Dau 1879 Here
FURREY Anthony Bord 1811 Ital Corn
FURY Anthony Lodg 1825 Irel Lond
FURY Arthur Son 1871 Lond Surr
FURY Barnett Sldr 1863 Monm Esse
FURY ? Benjamin Head 1829 Warw Surr
FUREY Benjamin Head 1834 Buck Staf
FUREY Benjamin Son 1872 Staf Staf
FURY ? Benjamin Ernest Son 1851 Surr Surr
FURY Bernard Head 1847 Irel Brec
FUREY Bernard Bord 1858 Irel Lanc
FURY Bernard Son 1880 Brec Brec
FURY Bernard Son 1880 Brec Brec
FURY Betsy Wife 1860 Carm Carm
FURY Bridget MothL 1816 Irel Warw
FURY Bridget Sis 1831 Irel Durh
FURY Bridget Sis 1831 Irel York
FURY Bridget Vist 1839 Irel Denb
FUREY Bridget Wife 1840 Irel Lanc
FURRY Bridget Dau 1846 Irel Lanc
FURY Bridget Niec 1870 Lanc Lanc
FURY Bridgett Wife 1839 Irel York
FURY Bridgett Dau 1867 York York
FURY Caroline Wife 1830 Lond Surr
FUREY Caroline Head 1831 Lond Lond
FURY Caroline Dau 1864 Lond Surr
FUREY Catharine Wife 1841 Irel Lanc
FURY Catherine Head 1818 Irel Brec
FURY Catherine Wife 1828 Irel Lanc
FUREY Catherine Sis 1831 Warw Warw
FURY Catherine Wife 1834 Irel Staf
FUREY Catherine Wife 1835 Irel Ches
FURY Catherine Paup Inmt 1853 Irel Lanc
FURREY Catherine Wife 1856 Engl Lana
FURY Catherine Dau 1858 Lanc Lanc
FURY Catherine Vist 1861 Denb Denb
FURY Catherine BordWife 1863 Lanc Lanc
FURY Catherine Niec 1865 Lanc Lanc
FURY Catherine GDau 1873 Lanc Lanc
FURY Catherine Dau 1874 York York
FURRY Catherine Dau 1876 Lanc Lanc
FURY Catherine Inmt 1876 Lanc
FURY Cathrine Dau 1876 York York
FUREY Charles Head 1853 Linc York
FUREY Charles Son 1880 Lanc
FURY ? Charles Alfred Son 1863 Surr Surr
FURY Charlotte E. Dau 1859 Irel Suss
FURY Chas.And. Son 1870 Renf Renf
FUREY Daniel GSon 1866 Warw Warw
FURY Daniel Son 1873 Lanc
FURY Dorothea Head 1821 Irel Linl
FURY Edward Vist 1833 Irel Denb
FURY Edward Head 1855 Here
FURY Edward Neph 1871 Lanc Lanc
FURY Edward Son 1878 Here
FURY Edward GSon 1879 Warw Warw
FURY Edwd. Lodg 1877 Irel Lanc
FURYE Edwin 1850 Devo Navy
FURY Eleanor Head Lodg 1836 Lond Lond
FURRY Elen Wife 1852 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Eliza Wife 1836 Buck Staf
FURY Eliza Wife 1836 York Lanc
FURY Eliza GDau 1875 Warw Warw
FURY Eliza Dau 1879 Ches Ches
FURY Eliza Jane Wife 1858 Scot Durh
FURY Elizabeth Wife 1821 Surr Surr
FURRY Elizabeth MothL 1827 Suss Surr
FURY Elizabeth Head 1833 Irel Lanc
FURY Elizabeth Wife 1839 Kent Lond
FUREY Elizabeth GDau 1841 Here Warw
FURY Elizabeth Ptnt 1855 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Elizabeth Wife 1856 Norf York
FURROW Elizabeth Serv 1858 Esse Esse
FUREY Elizabeth Wife 1859 York York
FURY Elizabeth Dau 1867 Kent Lond
FURY Elizabeth Dau 1868 Scot Lanc
FURY Elizabeth Dau 1873 Lanc
FURY Elizabeth GDau 1877 Warw Warw
FUREY Elizabeth GDau 1878 Lanc Warw
FURRY Elizabeth Dau 1880 Lanc
FURY Elizth. Lodg 1841 Lanc York
FURY Ellen Wife 1821 Irel Durh
FURY Ellen Wife 1837 Irel York
FUREY Ellen Wife 1844 Irel Lond
FURY Ellen Serv 1854 Irel Lanc
FURY Ellen Pent 1863 Lond Som
FURY Ellen Serv 1865 York York
FURY Ellen Dau 1872 York York
FURY Ellen Dau 1875 Ches Ches
FURY Ellen Dau 1879 York York
FUREY Ellen M. Dau 1878 Lond Lond
FURY Fannie Wife 1845 Irel Lanc
FURY Fanny Bord 1818 Derb Lond
FURY Fanny Lodg 1834 Glou Glou
FURY Florence GDau 1880 Warw Warw
FURY ? Francis George Son 1869 Surr Surr
FUREY Frank Neph 1870 Warw Warw
FURREY Frank Pupl 1871 Lanc Lanc
FURY Frederick J. Son 1857 Lond Surr
FUREY Fredk. Son 1881 Lanc Lanc
FURY George Lodg 1859 York York
FUREY George Son 1861 Staf Staf
FURY George 1866 York Hamp
FUREY George Neph 1869 Warw Warw
FURY George Paup 1870 Mlot Edin
FURY George GSon 1875 Warw Warw
FUREY George Thos. GSon 1880 York York
FURY Grace GDau 1868 Lond Warw
FURRY Gwendoline Dau 1870 Brec Brec
FURY Gwenfia Dau 1879 Glam Glam
FURRE Hannah Serv 1864 Nthu Durh
FUREY Harriet Head 1828 Surr Kent
FURY Harry Son 1875 Lanc
FURRE Helen Dau 1867 Renf Renf
FURY Henry Son 1866 Kent Kent
FURY Henry Son 1868 Lanc
FURY ? Herbert Bord 1856 Surr Surr
FURY Herbert Parker Son 1872 Surr Surr
FURY Honnor Wife 1831 Irel Lanc
FURY Hugh Lodg 1859 Irel Lana
FURY Hugh Edwd. Vist 1874 Denb Denb
FUREY Hugh Patrick Son 1868 Renf Renf
FURY Isabella Head 1829 Lana Lana
FURY Isabella Wife 1831 Irel Lanc
FUREY Isabella Wife 1862 Irel Lana
FURY Isabella Dau 1878 Nthu Nthu
FURY James Head 1814 Kent Surr
FUREY James Head 1831 Irel Ches
FURY James Head 1832 Irel Lana
FURY James Head 1834 Irel York
FURY James Head 1836 Renf Renf
FUREY James Lodg 1844 Irel Lana
FUREY James Head 1845 Irel Lanc
FUREY James Head 1849 Irel Warw
FURY James Head 1854 Nthu
FURY James Head 1855 Irel Ches
FURRY James Son 1857 Ches Ches
FURY James Lodg 1858 York York
FURY James Head 1859 Nthu Durh
FURY James Head 1862 Lana Lana
FURY James 1863 Irel Lanc
FUREY James Son 1864 Renf Renf
FUREY James Son 1865 Ches Ches
FUREY James 1868 Lond Esse
FURY James Inmt 1869 Scot York
FUREY James Son 1872 Ches Ches
FURY James Son 1875 Lanc Lanc
FURY James Inmt 1875 Lanc Lanc
FURY James Son 1877 Glam Brec
FURY James Son 1878 Lanc Lanc
FUREY James Paup Inmt 1878 Lanc Lanc
FURY James Son 1880 Nthu Nthu
FURREY James H. GSon 1872 Suff Suff
FURY Jane Wife 1832 Irel Durh
FURY Jane Wife 1841 Engl Hadd
FUREY Jane SisL 1849 Warw Warw
FURREY Jane Dau 1858 Lana Lana
FURY Jane Dau 1865 Durh Durh
FURY Jane Bord 1869 Warw Warw
FURY Jessie Paup 1869 Mlot Edin
FURY John Head 1811 Irel Lond
FURY John Inmt 1815 Irel Flin
FURY John Head 1825 Irel Lanc
FURREY John Head 1827 Irel Lanc
FURY John Head 1831 Irel Durh
FUREY John Ptnt 1838 Stir
FURY John 1839 Irel Hadd
FURY John Head 1841 Irel Ches
FURY John Head 1843 Irel Lanc
FURY John Head 1848 Lanc
FURREY John Head 1854 Irel Durh
FURREY John Son 1856 Durh Durh
FURRY John Bord 1857 Lanc Lanc
FURY John Bord 1858 Irel Lanc
FURY John 1858 Scot Navy
FUREY John Serv 1861 Irel Ches
FURY John 1863 Irel Dors
FURY John 1863 Flin Brec
FURY John Serv 1865 Stir Linl
FURY John Serv 1865 Irel Lond
FUREY John Son 1866 Lanc
FUREY John Son 1867 Ches Ches
FUREY John Inmt 1868 York York
FURY John Son 1869 Lana Lana
FURY John Son 1872 Lond Lond
FUREY John Son 1873 Lond Lond
FURY John Son 1874 Lanc
FURY John Lodg 1875 Irel Lanc
FURY John Son 1876 Brec Brec
FURY John Son 1877 Roxb Roxb
FURY John Nrsl 1877 Radn Shro
FURY John Son 1879 Lana Lana
FURY John Son 1880 Lanc Lanc
FURY John Ptnt 1880 Lanc Lanc
FURY John Son 1881 Glam Carm
FURY John Geo. Son 1880 Durh Durh
FUREY John J. Son 1862 York York
FURY Joseph Son 1869 Ches Ches
FURY Joseph Son 1877 Ches Ches
FURREY Kate Wife 1857 Here
FURY Kate Dau 1858 Durh Durh
FURY Kate Niec 1863 Durh Durh
FURY Kate Serv 1864 York Linc
FURY Larkin Son 1873 Brec Brec
FURREY Louisa Wife 1835 Lond Lond
FURY Malcolm Son 1874 Irel Durh
FURRY Malichi Head 1861 Pemb Carm
FURY Margaret Head 1794 Irel Lanc
FURY Margaret GMoth 1796 Irel Lanc
FURY Margaret Paup Inmt 1819 Irel Warw
FURY Margaret Vist 1821 Irel Lanc
FURY Margaret Inmt 1825 Irel Lanc
FUREY Margaret Head Lodg 1828 Irel Suss
FURRY Margaret Wife 1848 Irel Lanc
FURY Margaret Wife 1851 Glam Glam
FURY Margaret Inmt 1851 Irel Lanc
FURY Margaret Dau 1855 Here Suss
FUREY Margaret Head 1856 Brec Brec
FURY Margaret Wife 1857 Nthu Nthu
FURY Margaret Bord 1859 Durh Durh
FURY Margaret Vist 1859 Lanc Lanc
FURY Margaret Serv 1862 Suss Surr
FURRY Margaret Dau 1865 Lanc
FURY Margaret Dau 1874 Lanc Lanc
FURY Margaret Dau 1880 Lana Lana
FURY Margret Wife 1841 Irel Lana
FURY Maria Dau 1880 Carm Carm
FURYE Martha Serv 1831 Wale Lanc
FURY Martha Bord 1865 Lanc Ches
FURY Martin Head 1855 Irel Carm
FURY Martin Serv 1859 Irel Lanc
FURY Martin Bord 1859 Irel Lanc
FURRY Mary Bord 1811 Lond
FURRY Mary Head 1811 Irel Stir
FURY Mary MothL 1814 Irel Lana
FUREY Mary Wife 1819 Irel Ches
FURY Mary MothL 1826 Irel Warw
FURY Mary Head 1826 Irel Stir
FURY Mary Head 1828 Irel Stir
FURY Mary Head 1832 Irel Renf
FURY Mary Wife 1836 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Mary Wife 1840 Inve Forf
FURY Mary Wife 1845 Lanc Lanc
FURY Mary Dau 1845 WLot Lana
FURY Mary Wife 1847 Irel Lana
FUREY Mary Wife 1848 Glam Brec
FURY Mary Wife 1849 Lanc
FURY Mary Wife 1849 Irel Ches
SHIEL OR FURY Mary Wife 1849 Dors Lond
FUREY Mary Head Ptnt 1850 Fife Roxb
FURY Mary Bord 1851 Irel York
FURY Mary Wife 1851 Irel Brec
FURY Mary Wife 1855 Pemb Carm
FURY Mary Bord 1855 Durh Durh
FUREY Mary Dau 1855 Renf Renf
FURY Mary Dau 1856 Lana Lana
FURY Mary Dau 1856 Warw Warw
FURY Mary Wife 1857 Ches Ches
FURY Mary Serv 1861 Norf Surr
FURY Mary Lodg 1863 Glou Glou
FURY Mary Serv 1863 Wale Lond
FUREY Mary Dau 1864 York York
FUREY Mary Serv 1865 Lond Surr
FURY Mary Serv 1867 Lond
FURY Mary Niec 1867 York York
FURY Mary Dau 1869 Lanc Lanc
FURY Mary Dau 1870 Lana Lana
FURY Mary Dau 1871 Meri Denb
FURY Mary Lodg 1874 Irel Lanc
FURY Mary Dau 1878 Brec Brec
FURY Mary GDau 1878 Durh Durh
FURY Mary Dau 1879 Renf Renf
FURY Mary Lodg 1880 Denb Ches
FUREY Mary A. Bord 1845 Warw Warw
FURY Mary A. Wife 1851 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Mary A. Dau 1870 Lond Lond
FURY Mary A. Dau 1880 York York
FUREY Mary A. Dau 1880 Ches Ches
FURY Mary Ann Head 1810 Irel Wilt
FURRY Mary Ann Wife 1853 Nthu Durh
FUREY Mary Ann Serv 1863 York York
FUREY Mary Ann Dau 1866 Lanc Lanc
FURY Mary Ann Dau 1876 Lond Lond
FURY Mary Ann Paup Inmt 1880 Lanc Lanc
FURY Mary Blanche Vist 1875 Hamp Hamp
FURY Mary Ellen Dau 1879 Durh Durh
FURRY Mary J. Wife 1836 Devo Lond
FURY Mary Jane Dau 1872 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Mary Jane Dau 1880 Durh Durh
FURRY Mary Sarah Dau 1876 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Maryann Dau 1877 Irel Lana
FUREY Maud Wife 1854 Warw
FUREY Mgt. Dau 1877 Lanc Lanc
FURY Michael Head 1825 Irel Ches
FURY Michael Head 1831 Irel Lanc
FUREY Michael Head 1833 Irel Staf
FUREY Michael Head 1837 Lanc
FURY Michael Head 1841 Irel Lanc
FUREY Michael Head 1841 Irel Lanc
FURY Michael Head 1844 Irel Lanc
FURRY Michael Head 1845 Flin Brec
FURRY Michael Head 1849 Irel Lana
FURY OR FEERY Michael Head 1853 Glam Glam
FURY Michael Lodg 1858 Irel Lanc
FURY Michael Bord 1861 Irel Lanc
FURY Michael Son 1863 Stir Linl
FUREY Michael Neph 1866 Lanc Lanc
FURY Michael Son 1872 Lond Lond
FURY Noris Son 1880 Lond Lond
FURY Patrick Lodg 1831 Irel Lanc
FUREY Patrick Head 1831 Irel Lanc
FURY Patrick Head 1836 Irel Lanc
FUREY Patrick Paup Inmt 1851 Irel Lanc
FUREY Patrick Bord 1853 Irel Lanc
FURY Patrick Lodg 1854 Irel Lanc
FURY Patrick Head 1858 Engl Lana
FURY Patrick Pris 1859 Irel Kent
FURRY Patrick Son 1867 Denb Denb
FURY Patrick Son 1881 Lana Lana
FURY Patrick J. Son 1869 Ches Ches
FURY Peter Head 1816 Irel York
FURY Peter Head 1822 Irel Durh
FURY Peter Head 1841 Irel Forf
FURRY Roger Head 1821 Irel Lana
FURY Rosa Ann Lodg 1861 Staf York
FURRY Rose Moth 1817 Irel Lanc
FURY ? Rose Cous 1874 Renf Lana
FURRY Rose Amelia Dau 1866 Surr Surr
FURY Rosette Dau 1879 Lana Lana
FURY ? Samuel J. Son 1867 Lond Lond
FURY Sarah Wife 1829 Lond Surr
FUREY Sarah Wife 1850 Lanc
FURY Sarah Wife Head 1856 York Lanc
FURY Sarah Serv 1862 Irel Durh
FURREY Sarah Dau 1862 Renf Renf
FUREY Sarah Dau 1880 WLot Lana
FUREY Sarah Ann Dau 1872 Lanc
FURY Silvester Bord 1866 Fran Kent
FURY Stephen Son 1876 Lond Lond
FUREY Susan Dau 1863 Renf Renf
FURY Theresa Niec 1861 Warw Warw
FURY Thomas Head 1821 Irel Brec
FURY Thomas Bord 1834 Nott Linc
FUREY Thomas Head 1838 Irel Hadd
FUREY Thomas Head 1839 Preu Lond
FURY Thomas Head 1841 Irel Lanc
FURY Thomas Head 1842 Irel Lana
FURY Thomas Head 1848 Lond
FURRY Thomas Head 1849 Irel Ches
FURY Thomas Head 1851 Irel Lanc
FURY Thomas Head 1858 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Thomas Son 1860 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Thomas Srgt 1861 Scot Esse
FUREY Thomas Head 1861 York York
FURY Thomas Son 1867 Lana Lana
FURY Thomas Son 1867 ELot Forf
FUREY Thomas Son 1868 Renf Lana
FURREY Thomas Son 1870 Lond Lond
FURY Thomas Son 1871 Durh Durh
FUREY Thomas Son 1871 Brec Brec
FUREY Thomas Son 1872 Ches Ches
FURY Thomas Son 1874 Lanc Lanc
FUREY Thomas Son 1875 Glam Brec
FURY Thomas Son 1876 Lanc
FURRY Thomas Son 1878 Carm Carm
FURY Thomas Son 1880 Glam Glam
FURY Thomas BordSon 1880 Lanc Lanc
FURY Thomas Son 1880 Lanc Lanc
FURY Thos. Bord 1855 Durh Durh
FURY William Head 1826 Lond Surr
FURY William Head 1837 Devo Lond
FUREY William Lodg 1838 Hamp Glou
FUREY William Bord 1841 Irel York
FURY William Lodg 1843 Linc Durh
FUREY William Head 1845 Kent Lond
FURRY William Son 1856 Staf Staf
FURREY William BroL 1860 Surr Surr
FURY William Son 1863 Durh Durh
FURY William Lodg 1864 Surr Surr
FURY William Son 1871 Kent Lond
FUREY William Son 1872 Engl Hadd
FURY William Son 1875 Lanc Lanc
FURY William Son 1875 ELot Forf
FURY William Son 1875 Lond
FUREY William Lodg 1876 Hamp Glou
FURY William Son 1880 Lanc Lanc
FURY Winifred Wife 1831 Irel York
FURY Winifred Dau 1859 Brec Brec
FURY Winifred Dau 1863 York York
FURY Winifred Dau 1880 Ches Ches
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