Ancient Irish Annals

The above Annals and more are all online thanks to the University College of Cork, Ireland.

The Annals of Ulster (Quotes prefixed with a 'U')
The Annals of The Four Masters (Quotes prefixed with a 'M')
The Annals of Connacht (Quotes prefixed with a 'C')

These ancient documents were put together by the religious orders in Ireland around the 15th - 16th centuries. They compiled these books by collecting the written history from the clans and septs of Ireland. Over 1,100 earlier, from about 450 AD, St. Patrick had ordered the monks of his day to start recording each of the clan histories that had been memorised by the clan fiant (storyteller). So in effect, the Annals have recorded history from times as far back as 2500 BC.

We performed searches within each document using each of the following pieces of text. Being modern day e-searchers we have not yet actually reviewed the hard copy documents, nor any other studies as such.


Please check our history page for a bit more of a story line associated with the Annals. The earliest entry is for the year 1032 and all entries are as follows: -

Mael Tuile, bishop of Ard Macha, rested in Christ. Aed ua Forréid assumed the bishopric.

1. A sixth-measure of oaten grain,
2. Or a third-measure of dark purple sloes,
3. Or of acorns of the brown oak,
4. Or of nuts of a fair hazel cluster-
5. ll are to be had in full abundance
6. At Ard Macha for one penny.

[Note: this same verse is against M1031.4 and covers a Flaithbheartach Ua Neill after he returned from Rome.]

Maeltuile, Bishop of Ard-Macha, died

Dub dá Leithe entered the abbotship from his lectorship on the same day in which Amalgaid died. Aed ua Forréidh then assumed the lectorship.

Amhalghaidh, successor of Patrick, and Dubhdalethe, son of Maelmuire, son of Eochaidh, was raised to his place from the lectorship on the day of Amhalghaidh's decease; and Aedh Ua Forreth assumed the lectorship

Aed ua Forréid, eminent lector of Ard Macha, rested in peace in the 75th year of his age.
1. (Aed ua Forréid, the aged scholar,
Had great distinction while he lived;
On the fourteenth of the Kalends of July 18 June
The gentle bishop passed away.)

Aedh Ua Foirreidh, chief lector and distinguished Bishop of Ard-Macha, died on the 14th of the Calends of July, in the seventy-fifth year of his age, as is said:
1] Of brilliant fame while he lived was
2] Aedh O'Foirreidh the aged sage;
3] On the fourteenth of the Calends of July,
4] This mild bishop passed to heaven

Domnall Déisech, chief confessor of Ireland, and Conn na mBocht of Cluain Moccu Nóis, were called to Christ.
1. Twelve years-do not omit them-
And five thousand without any lack
-So ua Forréidh pleasantly worked out
By most exact computation of the lapse of time-
Extend from the beginning of the afflicted world
To the passing of Domnall Déisech.

Cathalán ua Forréidh, eminent in wisdom and in piety, rested in peace on the third of the Nones 5th of March in Imlech Ibair, the Sunday before Shrove

1. Cathalán of the just piety,
He was a sage of the community, he was an elder;
To Heaven of the bright mansions
He went on the feast of Ciarán of Saigir.

Cathalan Ua Forreidh, a paragon of wisdom and piety, died on Shrovetide Sunday, the third of the Nones of March, at Imleach-Ibhair; of whom was said:
1. 1] Cathalan of true piety
2] Was the sage of a congregation, was senior;
3] To heaven into the bright palace he passed,
4] On the festival of Ciaran of Saighir.

Macraith Ua Forreith, a learned historian and an anmchara of meekness and mildness and Aedh Ua Finn, chief lector of the men of Breifne, died.

Maol Ciarain Ua Fiodhabhra successor of Ciaran died. [Note this is translated into the English version as Mulkieran O'Fiava]

Donait O Fidabra, coarb of Patric, rested

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