The Furey/Fury Clan Details and Membership

The Clans of Ireland Ltd.

The Furey Clan is registered with and officially recognised by THE CLANS OF IRELAND LTD. in Ireland. In 1990 the Prime Minister of Ireland established the Clans of Ireland as the governing body of family associations in Ireland and holds a Registered Charity status in Ireland (Charity No. 11585). The Chairperson and Board of Directors give their time and efforts to assist on a voluntary basis to promote all registered family Clans worldwide and we have Lorcan J.O'Flannery to thank for all his assistance. We here, on this website, are extremely proud to have applied for and registered the name as a clan on behalf of all descendants of all variations of the name everywhere. The Clans of Ireland Office has the responsibility to:-

· Assist in the formation of new family Clans where one does not already exist for a specific family surname
· Help publicise and organise Irish Clans
· Assist Irish Clans in planning and holding Clan Gatherings.

Official Clan Certificate

With funding from Bord Failte (The Irish Tourist Board) and the European Union, the Clans of Ireland has succeeded in registering nearly 200 Irish Clans, and this year will hold over 40 Clan Gatherings, attended by more than 10,000 people of Irish descent. Some Irish surnames have roots originating in the 5th century A.D. and earlier. Some descend from:-

· Kings and ruling families who were prominent in Irish history
· Famous intellectual or bardic families who preserved the history and culture of their nation for posterity
· Viking invaders from Scandinavia
· The Norman knights who also came to fight, and then settled in Ireland.

All of the above represent the richness of what is meant by being Irish and have contributed to our ancient culture and heritage. You are more than welcome to celebrate and share in this heritage by participating in this movement, and even visiting the homeland of your ancestors.

The Furey Clan - Membership and Costs

The family name has only been registered as a clan as of May 2002. It doesn't matter where you are in the world or how many generations back your bloodline goes to any variation of the name of this sept from Co. westmeath in Ireland, we will represent all branches of the family. We are very enthusiastic is our approach to all things Furey/Fury. The name Furey was selected for the clan (and this website) only because it is the surname of the people involved Paul, Brian, Michael and Geraldine, who are all members of the same family. It is interesting to note that our grandfather was born as a Fury in 1899, but it appears that the people collecting the 1901 census in Clontarf, Dublin added that extra "E".

We are a non-profit organisation with voluntary officers covering both this website and the Clan Furey so you can help with the operational and admin costs by becoming a registered member for €17 / $15 per annum. Your annual membership helps pay for printing and postage for your membership certificate, newsletters and correspondence genealogical and historical research and other expenses.

By joining Clan Furey you can benefit from and/or avail of most, if not all of the following: -

· We will forward you a coloured frameable Certificate of Membership
· Foster a kinship and enjoy an "official" sense of belonging to the greater family around the world
· Your own Furey email address. Check here for details.
· Contribute you family details and histories so that we can co-ordinate, compile and produce a detailed history of the family. We have some history details here but we still have a lot more to do, especially with ancient history.
· Maintain and receive electronic updates and/or issue newsletters covering members own stories and/or other contributions.
· Be part of organisation where members can get together for social occasions. We will promote and assist with the possibility of setting up any Clan gatherings - when and wherever they may occur in the world. Arrangements can be made to meet other clan members either residing in Ireland or visiting at the same time other members
· Be part of an organisation that provides a means of communication between members.
· Become a part of a global family registry in our family Web Directory.
· Have the right to vote for officers to the Clan Furey Council to replace the interim set up that is currently in situ and comprising of the family members mentioned above. The council positions are Clan Leader (currently vacant), Genealogist, Historian, Treasurer, Membership Chairperson and Webmaster.
· The right to vote on Clan motions
· Access to a permanent repository that we will set up and will be for records, relics and material associated with the Clan
· Supply your family details and have them published in our internet database of births, marriages and deaths.
· Have your own family, business, society and/or personal website linked from here.

Go to our register page and fill in the online form.

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