Database Extract as of 01-Apr-2004 : 614 records

This is our first extract from the Clan database of Births, Christenings, Marriages and Deaths. The are 614 records mainly from Ireland in the 1800's. The page is quite big, but I do have the source data offline for each record.

Warning: The database extract page is 939kb in size, so it could take a few minutes to load. It may be a good idea to actually download the page by clicking on "File", then "Save As" (when you open the apge) and then the entire page will be downloaded and saved to your own PC.

Should you wish your hard earned and researched records to be included please contact us. We will take any format, GEDCOM, Text File, MS Access, Word, Excel, Foxpro, dBase or even snailmail!. The idea is simple, we all pool our data for the benefit of the family name.

Just click on the browser back button to retuen to this page!

Many thanks
Paul Furey 01-April-2004


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