Get your own email address.

We have the pleasure of offering you your own email address. These will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis and costs €17 / $15 per year. FureyNet is not a profit making society so any monies received here will be used to help cover our admin costs.

We will set up your address and arrange to have mail forwarded to your current email address. All you have to do is email us with your name, your own current email address and the email address that you require. Once you have successfully set up a new account that covers this new address in your mail software (e.g. MS Outlook or Pegasus Mail), we will then arrange your invoice. You will also receive instructions on how to set new a new account in your email software.

The following list of names are not available. If your name is already taken, one option would be to add the initial of your second name e.g. paulh for Paul Harry Furey or even Another alternative would be - just be creative.

Paul Brian Andrew Karen            
Anna Suzanne Peter Kim            
Sam Ger Brenda Con            
Ciaran Michael Matt Alex            


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