1. Who is behind Clan Furey and this website

My name is Paul Furey and I live with my wife and four little boys in Malahide, Co. Dublin in the home country of Ireland.

2. Why set up Clan Furey and this website

I have set it up, because I have the Internet resources, the interest and enthusiasm, have always wanted to start a Furey "Portal" of sorts and was successful in buying what is known as a "top level domain" address i.e. furey.info! I also know how difficult it is to find things Furey over the net, so I am eager to pull everything together in the one site. I have tried over the years to secure furey.com or .net or .org but the big money guys out there seem to buying up all the surname domains so that they can even make more money! I'm now happy just to have my furey.info!

3. What is Clan Furey and this website

As mentioned in #2 above, we are going to build this site as a portal for everything Furey. Here is a list of our objectives : -
- We want this site to be a great place to start for those who wish to set off on their search for their ancestors. We intend to build, with your input, a complete set of links, which will also be of benefit to the experienced researchers
- We have an ambitious plan to build an Internet database of Furey ancestral births, marriages and deaths. There are already a number of online databases dotted all over the net but we aim to pull them all together. Your research will be credited.
- We want to build a Furey Web directory of family names, locations and your own website (if applicable). You will have to register and your name will be linked to your family names in the database.
- We have now registered our family of names as a Clan of Ireland Check out our Clan page..
- Should you wish, you can have a link to your Furey personal and or business in our links page.
- We want to build up a list of links or produce stories, trivia and images of family related people, places and events.
- Establish the branching of the various forms of the name Furey as listed in the home page
- Lastly, establish the link between our family and the O'Melaghins (has anyone already accomplished this?). We are a branch of this royal family and they are descended from Malachy II (d1034), who is descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages (405 AD), who is descended from Milesius (1690 BC), who can be Biblically traced back to Adam (? BC)!

4. Charges/fees/subscriptions (and become a registered member of the Furey/Fury Clan)

Both Clan Furey and FureyNet are voluntary societies and do not accept advertisements or sponsors. The only ad links on this site are for those essential bits of software or objects received free elsewhere on the Internet. There is, however, one way you can help with admin costs etc. and that is by becoming a member of the Clan covering the Furey family of names but at least you do get something quite valuable in return for your money. Check here to get register and also to get your own name@furey.info email address..

5. Privacy Policy

"Personal information will not, under any circumstance, be released or forwarded to third parties by FureyNet. The only personal information that will be posted is as loaded in our Web Directory i.e. Name, State/Province/County, Country, email address and your Website address (if applicable). Further details that are required when buying a furey.info email are protected online."

There is a link to this statement at the bottom of every page in this website.

6. What is a sept?

Around the 11th and 12th centuries the great and not so great clans eventually broke up into a number of distinct septs or groups. These groups were headed by an original member of the clan and dominated a particular part of the countryside. It was not uncommon for septs from the same clan to be found in completely different parts of the country so it is important when researching your roots to try to find out the original part of the country that your ancestors came from. This may be a completely different area from that where the 'major' sept was domicile. The Furey sept was first located in the barony of Clonlonan (Clann-Colman), Co. Westmeath.

The sept system was an integral part of early Irish society and survived and was even propagated by the Norman invaders. The system did not survive the English invasion and colonisation of the seventeenth century where it became a disadvantage to have an Irish sounding name. The Penal laws that were enforced by the English colonists attempted to completely subjugate the Irish way of life. It is about this time then, that many Irish family and place names changed to their Anglo equivalent or translation. This can cause confusion as many of the names were misinterpreted or misspelled.

7. What are the roots to early Irish family naming?

In ancient Ireland the population was much smaller than today and the mass movement of people was uncommon. It was usual therefore for a person to be known only by one name: Niall, Eoin, Art, etc. Once there was no one else in the locality with the same name then this was not a problem.

The early Irish Clann system was well established and this gave people a common identity with the people of the tribe and with the commonly shared area. This single name system began to break down during the eleventh century as the population was growing and there was a need for a further means of identification. The solution was to adopt a prefix such as Mac (Mc is an abreviation) or Ó. Mac means 'son of' whilst Ó means 'grandson of'. Mac surnames are generally of a much later date than Ó. The vast majority of Gaelic Irish surnames were created during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, which also ties in with earliest records of Ó Fiodhabhra and Ó Forréidh.

It should be noted that the Scottish Gaels were actually descendants of Gaelic emigrants to Scotland. (Check the Milesius to Adam page around the times of Niall Mór). The word 'Scotus' is Latin for 'Irishman'. Scottish settlers who moved to Ireland (and especially Ulster) may already have been of Gaelic Irish descent. Thanks to Ireland-information.com for #6 and #7 above.


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