The Furey Y-DNA Surname project


This is a very exciting project that has been initiated by Francis X Edwards, descendent of Francis X. Furey. It covers the identification of the genetic markers in the male line that relate to each generation. The male Y chromosome is passed on from father to son.

This is exciting and produces an incredible piece of information through modern technology that allows us to go way into the past for the identification of related families or groups - especially where no records exist.

Essential Links

The Furey Y-DNA site has just been launched by Francis and the website is here (and is under construction).

Check out the Edwards Y-DNA website here for further links, a lot more information and hopefully an example on how the Furey project site can evolve into!

You can email Francis directly.

It does cost anything from $99 to $299 to register and get the DNA kit, but if enough of us participate it will be of huge benefit to the rest of the Clan - all over the world!

Paul Furey

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