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Submit either a link to your family history or email the details for inclusion on this page should you wish your data not be available on the internet. Our database will also be updated with these details. Database contents can be viewed here.


As previously mentioned in the Welcome page, there's a mammoth genealogy world out there and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg with the links that we have found and are also no experts in this area. There are many of you expert Furey descendants out there who have done a lot more than we could possibly dream of. But there are even more of us that are drowning in genealogical data, links and bad URLs. One of the objectives of FureyNet is to pull together all that valuable research that you have painstakingly pieced together. Should you wish to contribute your hard work please check here. You will be credited as the source for all your research.

Good places to check when starting or developing your searches in Ireland.

Civil records for birth, marriage and death.

General Register Office
Joyce House, 8 - 11 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2
Tel. 353 1 6711000, Fax. 353 1 6711243
Open Monday - Friday (0930 - 1230h; 1415 - 1630h)

Census returns, Griffith's Valuation Survey, Tithe Aplotment Books

National Archives
Bishop Street, Dublin 8
Tel. 353-1-4072300, Fax. 353-1-4072333
Open Monday - Friday (1000 - 1700h)

Parochial records for baptism and marriage; free genealogical advice service

National Library
Kildare Street, Dublin 8
Tel. 353-1-6030200, Fax. 353-1-6766690
Open Mon - Wed (1000 - 2100h); Thu - Fri (1000 - 1700h); Sat (1000 - 1300h)

Ancient Archives

Royal Irish Academy
19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2
Tel. 353-1-6762570, Fax. 353-1-6762346
Open Monday - Friday (1000 - 1700h)

  • For a more detailed search on ancestry, roots, genealogy and family history at an Irish county level check out the Irish Family History Foundation. They provide search facilities for a fee but also advise you where to start and give out a few tips. There is a further link here to The Irish Genealogical Project website which is also packed with more information and even more links.
  • There are many internet news groups covering many genealogical topics and they can be accessed quite easily through websites such as this one. Page down until you get to the Genealogy section.
  • Please contact us with any more links that you find of use.

    External Links (to this website)

  • Genealogy Resource Centre has over 17,000 pages!
  • has over 123,350 links!
  • Ellis Island - a full extract of family names that passed through from 1892 to 1924.
  • Furey discussion forum at
  • Furey discussion forum at
  • Fury discussion forum at
  • Fury discussion forum at
  • Furey Archive Search at
  • Furey list all archive records at
  • Search all boards in
  • covers the history of Ireland complete with fantastic maps.
  • has over 9,000 links!
  • Kuijstens MEGA Search Genealogy Ireland - searches7 databases and forums at the same time - also opens seven different windows! Click on "Surname Navigator" and then select the country you wish to research.
  • Newfoundland Grand Bank Site has Fureys as far back as1835. You can also search the site for more info after clicking on the logo at the top of the page.
  • in Ireland has links to many other Irish family and clan websites.
  • SeanRuad's fantastic search database covering all townlands, baronies, towns, parishes and counties in Ireland.
  • Shaws Dublin Directory of 1850 have only two Furey's listed. Follow the links on this website.
  • The most definitive resource for Irish Genealogy online and also The Irish Genealogy Centre
  • Internal Clan Furey Website Links to lists and/or databases

  • LDS Family search results Nov 2002
  • Griffith's Valuation 1848 - 1864 only for all Furey, Fury and Fuery entries
  • Ellis Island Listing for Furey, Fury
  • Prison Ships to Australia
  • Longford, Ireland - transcript of a Furey query in Local Names Ireland genealogy chat. It includes a little bit of history plus information from County Longford.
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission extract for those relatives that died fighting for the British Army durnin both World Wars.
  • 1881 UK Census Index
  • 1901 UK Census Index
  • 1901 Ireland online Census details - so far.
  • Extract of all names in the historical Clan Furey/Fury database. WARNING, this page is a large 890kb and will take a while to load. Use the browser Back button to return to this page.

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