Griffith Valuation - 1848 - 1864 : Furey, Fury and Fuery extract

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  Name Surname Parish Location County
  Andrew Fury Inver Cranny Lower Donegal
  Andrew Fury St. Johns Town of Sligo Pound Street (East Side) Sligo
  Anne Furey Killyleagh T/Killyleagh/Cross Street Down
  Anne Furey Killyleagh T/Killyleagh/Shore Street Down
  Anne Fury Athenry Ballinloughaun Galway
  Anne Mrs Furey Easky Ballymeeny Sligo
  Bartholomew Fury Killaraght Derrinoghran Sligo
  Bartholomew Fury Killerry Correagh Sligo
  Bridget Fury Killofin Ballyartney Clare
  Bridget Fury Inishkeel Loughcrillan Donegal
  Bridget Fury Elphin Clooncullaan Roscommon
  Bryan Fury Killymard Meenacally Donegal
  Bryan Fury Ballynakill Cloonfaghna Galway
  Bryan Fury Donaghedy Altishahane Tyrone
  Catherine Fury Feighcullen Feighcullen Kildare
  Catherine Furey Mohill Breandrum Peyton Leitrim
  Catherine Fury Clonmacnoise Creevagh Offaly/Kings
  Catherine Fury Elphin T/Elphin/Chapel Street Roscommon
  Catherine Fury Loughkeen Lacka Tipperary
  Catherine Fury Kilcleagh Moategranoge Westmeath
  Charles Fury Inver Sallows Donegal
  Charles Fury Killybegs Lower Derries Donegal
  Charles Fury Faughanvale Donneybrewer Londonderry/Derry
  Charles Fury Skreen Drumnagoal Sligo
  Charles Jr Fury Inver Sallows Donegal
  Connell Fury Inver Sallows Donegal
  Connell Fury Ardstraw Ligfordrum or Douglas Tyrone
  Cornelius Fury Camus Town Parks of Strabane Tyrone
  Daniel Furey Inishkeel Drumnasillagh Donegal
  Daniel Furry Inishkeel Common Donegal
  Daniel Fury Inishkeel Common Mountain Donegal
  Daniel Fury Killybegs Lower Kilrean Upper Donegal
  Daniel Fury Clontuskert Cloonascragh Galway
  Daniel Fury Taghsheenod Carrickedmond Longford
  Daniel Fury St. Peters Rooskagh Roscommon
  Denis Fury Kilbeggan Grange and Kiltober Westmeath
  Edward Fury Killashandra Drumalt/T/Arvagh/Main St. Cavan
  Edward Fury Killybegs Lower Kilrean Upper Donegal
  Edward Furey Mohill Cloonboniagh South Leitrim
  Edward Furey Ballynascreen Mulnavoo Londonderry/Derry
  Edward Furey Moydow Castlerea Mountain Longford
  Eliza Fury Monasteroris Rogerstown Offaly/Kings
  Elizabeth Fury Forgney Ballyclamey Longford
  Ellen Fury Aghalurcher Farranacurky Fermanagh
  Francis Fury Inver Drumcoe Donegal
  Francis Furey Killyleagh T/Killyleagh/Front Street Down
  Francis Fury Annaghdown Glenrevagh Galway
  Francis Fury Kilmoylan Anbally Galway
  Francis Fury Killoe Esker North Longford
  Frederick Fury Cumber Lower Fawney Londonderry/Derry
  George Fury Kilmore Teconnaught Down
  George Fury Rosenallis Ballyhuppahane Laois/Leix/Queens
  Henry Fury Kilmoylan Anbally Galway
  Honoria Fury Aghamore Mannin Mayo
  Hugh Fury Donegal Ardnagassan Donegal
  Hugh Fury Drumcullen Cough Lower Offaly/Kings
  James Fury Killofin Lakyle North Clare
  James Fury Inver Drumnakilly Donegal
  James Fury Inver Sallows Donegal
  James Fury Killybegs Lower Kilrean Upper Donegal
  James Fury Killymard Abbernadoorny Donegal
  James Furey Killyleagh T/Killyleagh/Cow Street Down
  James Fury Killyleagh Corporation Down
  James Furey Abbeyknockmoy Caherphuca Galway
  James Fury Ahascragh Ahascragh West Galway
  James Fury Ahascragh T/Ahascragh/Main St. Galway
  James Fury Ballynakill Kellogesbeg Galway
  James Fury Drumatemple Durrow Galway
  James Fury Killora Roo Galway
  James Fury Kilmoylan Ardnasodan Galway
  James Fury Loughrea T/Loughrea/Abbey Lane Galway
  James Fury Mohill Mohill Leitrim
  James Fury Shrule Kinlough Mayo
  James Fury Drumcullen Cough Lower Offaly/Kings
  James Fury Cloonfinlough Killavackan Roscommon
  James Fury Kilmeane Moydow Roscommon
  James Fury Kiltrustan Kildalloge Roscommon
  James Fuery Achonry Tobercurry Sligo
  James Fury Killaraght Stonepark Sligo
  James Fury Skreen Laragh Sligo
  James Fury Killare Mullaghcloe Westmeath
  James Jr Fury Kilmoylan Ardnasodan Galway
  Jane Fury Mylerstown Clonkeeran Kildare
  John Fury Kilmore Drumaghlis Down
  John Furey Kilbennan Carrowmacowan Galway
  John Furey Kilcroan Ballyaghymurry Galway
  John Fury Drumatemple Durrow Galway
  John Fury Oranmore Moneymore East Galway
  John Fuery Killoe Melkagh Longford
  John Furey Killoe Clonee Longford
  John Fury Killashee Lyneen Longford
  John Fury Killoe Monaduff Longford
  John Fury Drumcullen Curragh Upper Offaly/Kings
  John Fury Cloonfinlough Killavackan Roscommon
  John Fury Killinvoy Carrowndrisha Roscommon
  John Fury Killinvoy Mountplunkett Roscommon
  John Fury Kiltrustan Cuilmore Roscommon
  John Fury Lissonuffy Ballyduffy Roscommon
  John Fury Moore Tonvey Roscommon
  John Fury Taghmaconnell Togher Roscommon
  John Fury Skreen Carrowcaslan Sligo
  John Fury Skreen Laragh Sligo
  John Fury St. Johns T/Sligo Old Gallows Hill (West Side) Sligo
  John Fury Kilbeggan Ballymacmorris Westmeath
  John Fury Mullingar Mullingar Westmeath
  Joseph Fury Kilcloony T/Ballinasloe/Reeves Lane (East Side) Galway
  Kate Furey Reynagh Town of Banagher/Puckha Lane/Queen St. Offaly/Kings
  Lawrence Fury Clongeen Longgraigue Wexford
  Luke Fury Killinvoy Cornamart Roscommon
  Luke Fury Killinvoy Kellybrook Roscommon
  Luke Fury Killinvoy Knockcroghery Roscommon
  Luke Fury Roscommon T/Roscommon/Castle Street Roscommon
  Manus Fury Killymard Rossylongan Donegal
  Marcus Fury Killinvoy Kellybrook Roscommon
  Margaret Fury Kilmoylan Anbally Galway
  Margaret Furey Curraclone Garrans Laois/Leix/Queens
  Margaret Fury Inishmagrath Lisfuiltaghan Leitrim
  Margaret Fury Killaraght Derrinoghran Sligo
  Mark Fury Killinvoy Cornamart Roscommon
  Mark Fury Killinvoy Kellybrook Roscommon
  Martin Fury Killeely Carrigeen East Galway
  Martin Furey Fuerty Creemully and Aghagad Beg Roscommon
  Martin Fury Kilglass Ballyfeeny Roscommon
  Martin Fury St. Peters T/Athlone/High Street Roscommon
  Mary Fury Inver Drummacacullen Donegal
  Mary Fury Inver Point Donegal
  Mary Fury Kilmoylan Ardnasodan Galway
  Mary Fury Oranmore Garraun South Galway
  Mary Furey Killanummery Mullanaskeagh Leitrim
  Mary Fury Killoe Monaduff Longford
  Mary Fury Esternow Cloonshaghan Roscommon
  Mary Fury Ballysumaghan Doonally Sligo
  Michael Fury Kilmoylan Anbally Galway
  Michael Fury Kilmoylan Ardskeabeg Galway
  Michael Fury Loughrea T/Loughrea/Pigott's Lane Galway
  Michael Fury Mylerstown Clonkeeran Kildare
  Michael Fury Rosenallis Village of Rosenallis Laois/Leix/Queens
  Michael Furey Faughanvale Donneybrewer Londonderry/Derry
  Michael Fury Killoe Cloonelly Longford
  Michael Fury Killoe Monaduff Longford
  Michael Furey Fuerty Aghagad Roscommon
  Michael Fury Elphin Ardnagowna Roscommon
  Michael Furey Kilmoremoy Ardnaree or Shanaghy Sligo
  Michael Furey Kilmoremoy Rathkip Sligo
  Michael Fury Skreen Carrownaknockan Sligo
  Michael Fury Skreen Toberawnaun Sligo
  Michael Fury Donaghedy Tirkernaghan Tyrone
  Michael Fury Mullingar Mullingar Westmeath
  Michl. Fury Cloonfinlough Cloonfree Roscommon
  Ml. Fury Cloonfinlough Cloonfree Roscommon
  Mrs. Bridget Fury Inistioge T/Inistioge/High Street Kilkenny
  Owen Fury Killymard Doonan Donegal
  Patk. Fury Cloonfinlough Cloonfree Roscommon
  Patrick Furie Killybegs Upper T/Killybegs/Main Street Donegal
  Patrick Furie Killybegs Upper T/Killybegs/Old Chapel-Road Donegal
  Patrick Fury Inver Altcor Donegal
  Patrick Fury Inver Disert Donegal
  Patrick Fury Inver Fanaghans Donegal
  Patrick Fury Inver Sallows Donegal
  Patrick Fury Killybegs Lower Corraness Glebe Donegal
  Patrick Fury Killybegs Lower Derries Donegal
  Patrick Fury Killymard Rossylongan Donegal
  Patrick Fury Annaghdown Glenrevagh Galway
  Patrick Fury Lea Cooltedery (Bracklone St.) Laois/Leix/Queens
  Patrick Fury Clonbroney Castlebrock Longford
  Patrick Fury Clonbroney Currygrane Longford
  Patrick Fury Granard Ballinlough Longford
  Patrick Fury Kilcommock Ballynock Longford
  Patrick Fury Killoe Monaduff Longford
  Patrick Fury Kilclonfert Killoneen Offaly/Kings
  Patrick Fury Monasteroris Derries Offaly/Kings
  Patrick Fury Monasteroris Drumcooly Offaly/Kings
  Patrick Furey Fuerty Creemully and Aghagad Beg Roscommon
  Patrick Fury Boyle Ballybaun Roscommon
  Patrick Fury Kilteevan Cloonmore Roscommon
  Patrick Furey Kilmoremoy Rathkip Sligo
  Patrick Fury Emlaghfad Carrigans Upper Sligo
  Patrick Fury Killerry Correagh Sligo
  Patrick Fury Kilbeggan Ballinderry Little Westmeath
  Patrick Jr Furey Fuerty Creemully and Aghagad Beg Roscommon
  Robert Fury Inver Sallows Donegal
  Roger Fury Inver Derryhirk Donegal
  Roger Fury Inver Drummacacullen Donegal
  Roger Fury Killybegs Lower Derries Donegal
  Simon Fury Annaghdown Bunatober Galway
  Stephen Fury Geashill Killeigh Offaly/Kings
  Susan Fury Loughkeen Ballyloughnane Tipperary
  Teague Fury Inver Fanaghans Donegal
  Terence Fury Killeenen Fahymactibbot Galway
  Terence Fury Killeenen Killeeneenmore Galway
  Thomas Fury Killybegs Lower Derries Donegal
  Thomas Fury Killybegs Lower Mullantiboyle Donegal
  Thomas Furey Kilbarrack Kilbarrack Up. Dublin
  Thomas Furey Monivea Knockauncarragh Galway
  Thomas Fury Killosolan Loughaunboy Galway
  Thomas Fury Kilquain Moorfield or Gortnamona Galway
  Thomas Fury Kilteskil Aille Galway
  Thomas Fury Kilteskil Ballyeighter Galway
  Thomas Fury Omey T/Clifden/Market St. Galway
  Thomas Fury Oranmore Garraun North Galway
  Thomas Fury Lissonuffy Cloonycarran More Roscommon
  Thomas Fury Aghanagh Ballaghboy Sligo
  Thomas Fury Skreen Toberawnaun Sligo
  Thomas Fury Templeboy Corkagh Beg Sligo
  Thomas Fury Ballymore Ballymore Westmeath
  Thomas Fury Killare Clonybane Westmeath
  Thomas Fury Killare Mullaghcloe Westmeath
  Thomas Fury Killare T/Ballymore Main or Low St. Westmeath
  Thomas Furey Glenealy Ballyfree East Wicklow
  Thomas H. Furey Dublin City South Dock Ward Mount Street Lower Dublin
  Thomas H. Furey St. Peters Mount-Street Lower Dublin
  Thornton Fury Castlemacadam Sroughmore Wicklow
  William Fury Kilkeedy Attyslany South Clare
  William Furey Killyleagh T/Killyleagh/Shore Street Down
  William Fury Kilmoylan Pollsillagh Galway
  William Fury Drumcullen Colmanstown Offaly/Kings
  William Fury Drumcullen Cough Lower Offaly/Kings
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