Email FureyNet with any piece of trivia or stories that you think would be of interest. For example

How did you get started in genealogy?

Have you a story to tell about some artifact/heirloom that you have in your possession?

Have you come across some historical incident that some member of the family would have been involved in?

Or even something that you may find interesting....

You will be credited with your story and here are some that we have found.

  • Perhaps the most famous of us all - Here are portait photos of The Furey Brothers (we are still looking for an official website!). Sheila Furey has provided us with links to the official Finbar Furey and his son, Martin Furey websites.
  • Tribute to Set Dancer and Musician Dan Furey by Michael Tubridy
  • Tribute to First World War Hero Michael Furey, brother of Dan Furey above.
  • Tribute to Dolly Ó Fiúra by one of the Clans' regular contributor - Mick Furey
  • Jimmy Furey - Legendary Irish boat builder.
  • A personal reference to a famous landmark on the west road from Dublin. Furey's Pub in Moyvalley Co. Kildare (Phone 353-405-51185)
  • Picture - Brian Furey of Galway

  • Ireland to Australia Prison Ship Records - Poignant speculation
  • This is a link to the Basketball Hall of Fame in the USA. "My uncle Jim Furey & grandfather Tom Furey, were the owners of this team, the Original Celtics, in the 1920's. The team was the greatest barnstorming team of the time. Before them the owner was a Frank McCormick, and he was their cousin". Vicki Furey. Vicki is still trying to locate when these fureys arrived in America.
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