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This society has been set up by Paul Furey who lives with his wife and four little boys in Malahide, Co. Dublin in the home country of Ireland. He has set up FureyNet because he has the Internet resources, has always wanted to start a Furey "Portal" and register the family name as a Clan of Ireland. He was successful in buying what is known as a "top level domain" website i.e. furey.info...so combined the lot!

Clan Furey/Fury is a voluntary society and does not accept advertisements or sponsors. The only ad links on this site are for those essential bits of software or objects received free elsewhere on the Internet. There is, however, one way you can help with admin costs etc. but at least you do get something quite valuable in return for your money. Check here to get your own @furey.info email address. Please also check our Privacy Policy and FAQ.

Paul has been swaying all over the top of the fence but leaning towards the side of tracing his family tree for years. However, there's a mammoth genealogy world out there and we are certain that we have only touched the tip of the iceberg with the links that we have found. There are many of you expert Fureys and distant cousins out there who have done a lot more than we could possibly ever have dreamed of, BUT there are even more of us that are drowning in genealogical data, links and bad URLs. One of the objectives of the Clan is to pull together, with your assistance, all that valuable research that you have painstakingly pieced together and all of your favourite links. Should you wish to contribute your hard work in our links page or for inclusion in our worldwide genealogical database please click accordingly. You will be credited as the source for all your research.

We hope you can gain something from FureyNet and please do not hesitate to contribute what you can. In fact, the more you participate the better this place will become. In fact, the more you participate the better this place will become. If you do not get anything, well at least here is a little something. We all talk about it here in Ireland - here's the current weather and local time in Dublin.

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Click for Dublin, Ireland Forecast

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