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Welcome to our new look website deigned by Michael Furey, Dublin Ireland. It represents the exact balance between a modern day website with a Celtic look and feel and is easier to navigate - especially if you hit the site directly, while passing the Home page. Thanks very much Micheal for all the effort and time you put in for the Clan.

Further additions to the site are:

1. The full list of names from the historical database of births, christenings, deaths and marriages. Most names are from Ireland and have been gathered from a number of sources. This is an ongoing project and will be updated continually. Warning: The database extract page is 939kb in size, so it could take a few minutes to load. It may be a good idea to actually download the page by clicking on "File", then "Save As" (when you open the apge) and then the entire page will be downloaded and saved to your own PC.

2. We have been supplied with additional Coat Of Arms and these have been loaded.

3. We have researched the origions of the Furey/Fury sept from our first recorded ancient ancestor King Malachi II - the 45th king of Meath and the 174th Monarch of Ireland (we are sept his famil - the O'Melaghlins). The lineage goes back to Niall of the Nine Hostages 379 AD, back to Milesius in 1699 BC and finally back to Adam!

4. The UK 1901 Census Index

5. The UK 1881 Census Index

6. A compilation of all current on line extracts from the Irish 1901 census.

7. Please also check the Genealogy page for all other lists and databases that can be found in this site.

8. We are still going through all those submissions made by members and viewers for later inclusion in this website.

Paul Furey
Clan Furey/Fury

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